Help Veterans Visit Washington

Welcome to Freedom Branches, a not for profit organization for Veterans. Sponsor a Veteran to go to Washington D.C.! They will visit the memorials dedicated to them for all the sacrifices they have made for our freedom!

Freedom Branches was co-founded by Deana Nordengren and Denise Coots through the inspiration of our father, Bill Gaston, a WWII veteran. In 2009 Bill visited Washington D.C. where he toured the city, all the monuments and the Changing of the Guard at Arlington Cemetery. When he returned home he said that he was so inspired by the experience he had in Washington D.C. he wanted all veterans to have that same opportunity.

It was then that Bill decided to put together his first bus trip to Washington D.C. for any and all Veterans.  When Bill was telling his daughters of his plan they quickly jumped on board to help.  We set up fund raising events and sought donations. Our first bus trip was a huge success with 43 veterans ranging in age from 30 to 94. What we didn’t realize at the time was the effect this trip would have on us. This was our first trip to Washington D.C. and to experience it with this wonderful group of Veterans, we were able to see just how profound this was for them. We also learned of the great sacrifices each of them gave to our country so we can live with the freedoms we all enjoy every day.

We thought this was a wonderful onetime event. However, after returning home “our” veterans kept in contact and asked us to please continue this bus trip for other veterans. After all our Veterans have done for us, how could we say no!

Thus began Freedom Branches.

Please pass the word to all your family and friends to visit our website and “like us” on facebook at “Freedom Branches”.  Help support our cause and all our Veterans.


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